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stone grindery

Our family can look back on a long tradition as stone cutters and is the fourth generation to run the family business. We are now the only stone turners in Austria.

the skill to work stones and the hidden beauty for everyone's eye to make it visible, we have each other self-developed and perfected over generations.
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Small, fine, unique

Each piece is unique

With loving dedication, unique pieces are created in our workshop in Gosau, in the heart of the Salzkammergut - each characterized by its own individual character.

The special thing about it is that we do this mainly Stone from Gosau, the so-called Dachstein marble. In addition, we also process precious stones from all over the world.


  • Inspired by the individual character traits of every raw stone,
  • grown on our passion for the extraordinary
  • and shaped by ours Craftsmanshipwe create favorite pieces for eternity.


Let yourself in our Shop enthusiastic about this unique story, the special shapes and the unmistakable colors of each individual piece.

Our promise

To revive the old craftsmanship, this core idea drives us every day.
The combination of firmly anchored tradition and timeless designs makes us unique - just like our products.

stone grindery
fossil jewelry


As fourth-generation stone cutters, we have tradition and craftsmanship deeply rooted in us and revive them every day.


We mainly work with raw stones from Gosau and also process them in the workshop located there.


Our products are all lovingly handcrafted. Each stone is unique - just like the end product.


The stone is our basis, the customization our core. Our technical know-how built up over generations in connection with firmly established passion distinguish us.


On request, our products can also be personalized with an engraving. Please send us an inquiry using the contact form.


Our motto: inspire, fascinate and inspire. Each stone tells its own story, and we would like to share it with you and pass it on to you in the form of our products.

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jewelry shapes,
provide inspiration

Each stone tells its own story. Nature sets the tone. Inspired by this extraordinary combination, we write a new chapter for each piece.


In addition to timeless designs and precious materials, it is above all the special story that lies in each of our treasures and makes them something so special.

Inspired by this, we produce unique pieces that fascinate again and again with their quality and personality and accompany them for a lifetime.

A glimpse...

insert plate

Equipment: Dachstein marble with fossils and ammonites
Style: rustic, special
locality: gosau
Tea Light Holders

Equipment: Dachstein marble
Style: timeless, modern
locality: gosau

Equipment: Red Dachstein marble
Style: classic, timeless
locality: gosau

You've come to the right place if...

01 Handmade

... you value lovingly handcrafted unique items.

02 Everything close up

... you want to know exactly where your purchased products come from and value regionality and sustainability.

03 favorite pieces

... you've despaired more than once when looking for new, unique and special favorite pieces.

04 for eternity

.... you want to have some of your favorite pieces for as long as possible. Our raw material is several million years old - our incentive is to produce them for eternity.